Zachary Bortz is the first character in Zachary, Grace and Lexia: Californian Citizens and is available from the start of the game.
Zachary Bortz


Team: Purple Team

Affinity: Glendale

District: Chapel of the Chimes (Oakland, California) District

Goal: The Man of All Women

Combat Style: Melee


Rank 2: I Would Never Hurt My FriendsEdit

Zachary's Special Attack also removes Charm and Confusion from all allies.
Passive Remove Charm

Rank 3: 62 Years Minus 3 DaysEdit

Zachary's basic attack returns 10% of the damage dealt back to him as health.
Passive Lifesteal

Rank 4: Best Friends ForeverEdit

If Grace and Lexia are part of the team, then Zachary is immune to Charm and Confusion.
Passive Remove Confuse


Avalanche Zachary (Brown Team)

Bathrobe Zachary (Blue Team)

Billionaire Professor Zachary (Blue Team)

Brown Knight Zachary (Purple Team)

Butcher Zachary (Cyan Team)

Chanukah Zombie Zachary (Yellow Team)

Farm Karate Zachary (Blue Team)

FBI Agent Zachary (Gray Team)

Freddle Zachary (Red Team)

Masked Ennard Zachary (Red Team)

Mutant Zachary (Brown Team)

Nightmare Fredbear Zachary (Yellow Team)

Phantom Mangle Zachary (Orange Team)

Pharaoh Zachary (Yellow Team)

Phone Guy Zachary (Orange Team)

Toy Freddy Zachary (Red Team)

Trash and the Gang Zachary (Purple Team)

Withered Chica Zachary (Green Team)


Zachary wears a white shirt under a red checkered shirt with gray pockets along with a shark tooth necklace. He also wears blue jeans and black shoes.