William Afton Meredith is one of the outfits for Meredith in Zachary, Grace and Lexia: Californian Citizens.


Team: Gray Team

Affinity: TBA

Update: Villainous Custom Night

Unlock Goal: TBA

Goal: TBA

Combat Style: Melee


Rank 2: Springtrap and William AftonEdit

If Springtrap Ainsley is on the team, William Afton Meredith has a 100% chance to double attack.
Passive Double Attack

Rank 3: I Always Come BackEdit

When William Afton Meredith's health falls below 75%, her Special Attack has a 50% chance to cause Bleeding to the enemy hit for 1 turn.
Passive Bleed

Rank 4: The Once Per Night DodgeEdit

William Afton Meredith has a 25% chance to dodge incoming basic attacks.
Passive Dodge


In her William Afton outfit, Meredith wears a dark green eye bandanna on her eyes and wears a dark green dress and gray gloves and fancy shoes.