This page explains the fictional school system in Wikia Town. Both Wikia Town and YouTube City use this system as both of them are located in the same country.

The example years of birth used are the ones of the 2015-2016 school year.

Vacations/breaks Edit

These are the vacations/breaks that are seen in Wikia Town.

  • Summer vacation is the longest vacation of the year, and it is between two school years. It starts on the Saturday after the last Tuesday of May and ends sometime in mid-August.
  • Fall break is a randomly chosen week in October.
  • Christmas break starts on December 21st or the previous Saturday. It can last for one and a half weeks to two and a half weeks, and it always ends after New Year's Day.
  • Winter break is the last week that is completely in February.
  • Easter is the shortest vacation and it means that a Friday and the next Monday are not school days. Easter Sunday is the Sunday after the next full moon after the vernal equinox, which means that Easter is always in March of April. The Thursday that is 39 days after Easter Sunday is also not a school day.
  • Weekends consist of every Saturday and Sunday and they are not school days. However, in some special cases, there can be school on Saturday. They are exam days, special days or the last days of terms.

Elementary school Edit

People start elementary school in the year they turn 6 and it takes five years. Not much is known about elementary school because Wikia Town mainly focuses on high school.

  • Year 1: 2009
  • Year 2: 2008
  • Year 3: 2007
  • Year 4: 2006
  • Year 5: 2005

Middle school Edit

People start middle school in the year they turn 11 and it takes two years. People are only allowed to attend one middle school. Year 2 of middle school ends one month earlier,

  • Year 1: 2004
  • Year 2: 2003

High school Edit

People start high school in the year they turn 13 and it takes six years. During the first four years, people are allowed to attend two high schools, but after that, they can only attend one.

  • Year 1: 2002
  • Year 2: 2001
  • Year 3: 2000
  • Year 4: 1999
  • Year 5: 1998
  • Year 6: 1997

High School Day Edit

High school day is an annual day on April 28th. On that day, high school students can visit any high schools they want to for one hour. If April 28th is a Saturday or a Sunday, the day is celebrated on the next Monday or the previous Friday.

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently unknown if students have to repeat a year if they fail, as none of the characters of Wikia Town had to repeat a year.