Wikia Combat is a wiki-based TV series created by The battle dragon trainer.

Plot Edit

S1 Edit

In a mysterious land known as Wikia, fighters from around this land are invited to a tournament. The many fighters will make friends and enemies, but a dark lord will rise and their fate will be judged....

S2 Edit

15 years after the first Wikia Tournament, the event has been reopened and a new batch of competitors, veterans and newcomers are fighting again, but the dark lord's spirit still haunts the arenas...

Characters Edit

  • Ryu Shadow- The main character, a human body with a dragon's soul but also a vampire. User Counterpart: The battle dragon trainer
  • Aidan Storm- A human Ryu meets, fiery tempered and wield the Phoenix sword of fire. User Counterpart: Inferno999
  • Thibo Bolt- Another Human, controls darkness and is revealed to not actually be human: User Counterpart: Thibo1102
  • Yuudai Okumaru- A supposed human, friend of Ryu and controls fire. User Counterpart: TheShadowCraft
  • Star Plex- A female with air powers, but hates earth so will not land, giving her a disadvantage. User Counterpart: PetStarPlanet
  • Brandon Harper- A male with necromancy, good friend of Aidan, User Counterpart: BHCreations