"Welcome to the Island of Ooo!" is the first episode in the first season of "The Adventure Contest". It is the first episode overall.

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The contestants arrive on the island, the Two-Headed Ducks lose the first challenge and Cinamon Bun goes home.

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Pen waits at the dock for the contestants to arrive, the boats arrive at the island, and Pen introduces the contestants, and who will be in which team.

Pen and the contestants arrive at the cabins, where Pen announces the first challenge; a race, both teams need to race to the other side of the island, but they must reach the finish with their entire team.

All the contestants are at the start point, and they start the race. The Two-Headed Ducks are running through the forest, but Tree Trunks can't keep up, so Jake takes Tree Trunks on his back. The Snowmen are falling behind, but they take a shortcut by going to the beach.


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