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So where do you draw the line between all-age friendly and mature? Well, this article will tell you where we do so. Firstly, let's state what are obviously mature:


  • Gore
  • Blood and Guts
  • Excessive Killing
  • Anything that would disturb another user

Let's not get the wrong idea of violence levels here, as things like excessive killing can be overseen if the user doesn't mention any gore. So let's mention some exceptions:

  • Death and Killing, as long as it has no gore, but don't go over the top.
  • Fighting, as I said as long it has no gore, basic punches, kicks and basic and even in some case smashing though large scale objects at high speed can be seen as okay.

Any violent pages without the mature content warning will be deleted and the creators will be blocked.

  • First Offense the template will be added and you will be given a warning.

Mature ContentEdit

Mature Content doesn't just refer to violence but also other things that can be considered mature like:

  • Swearing- This wiki is more casual with swearing, mild cussing will be more likely to pass with a warning but strong cussing will require warning. Example:
    • Something like "They didn't want to have to put up with this crap" or "He went of to take a piss" will more likely get away without a warning.
    • Strong swearing is one less likely to be accepted if misused. For example:
      • "Fred is a fucking shithead" is wrong and will not be accepted.
      • "Fred was one who was described as a "fucking shithead" is right and will be accepted.
  • Sexual References- Soon to be added

The Mature Content TemplateEdit

As you see, there is now a Template in which you can you can use mature content in your game(s). People who are easily offended deserve to know if an article may offend them. If you create a page with mature content without putting up the template then there can be consequences. In

  1. Warning, template added.
  2. Page threatened with deletion, deleted within a week if template is not added.
  3. Page deleted without warning, user threatened with block.
  4. Page deleted, user blocked for one month.
  5. Page deleted, blocks keep getting longer and longer for each offense.