Dinosaur Protectors
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date September 15, 2015
Written by Whirly Volcano
Directed by Whirly Volcano
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Discovering Dinosaurs

The Secret Hideout is the second episode of Dinosaur Protectors where the Dinosaur Protectors find a secret hideout in the forest.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

The Dinosaur Protectors move in the forest with a few dinosaurs. They walk for a while, until they notice an old cottage. They decide to hide the Dinosaurs there. Later, they notice that there is a river nearby. They decide to name the place "Pet Star Planet" because Star was the one who discovered the dinosaurs.

Part 2 Edit

BC and Poseidon go shopping for food. However, when they are about to buy something, they notice Randall Usher (one of the three people who got attacked by a dinosaur) saying that anyone allied with the dinosaurs is dangerous. On their way back to the cottage, they notice a boy called Cameron Cooper. Cameron tells he already knows about the dinosaurs and soon, he decides to join the Dinosaur Protectors as well.

Part 3 Edit

Randall tells many people, including his love interest Lara White, about dinosaurs. Besides this, Mario Roberts (another person attacked by a dinosaur) introduces some of his family members to Randall. Together, they form the Dinosaur Hunters. Meanwhile, the Dinosaur Protectors try to find different places where they can buy food, until they find Josh McCoy (better known as Couy).

Part 4 Edit