Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 16 March 2016
Written by Inferno999
Directed by Inferno999
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Caught Redhanded
The Integration Ceremony is the pilot episode of Zodiac.


The moment Jake's been waiting for his whole life has finally come: the integration ceremony. This is the day he leaves behind the Cancerian ways that he's had to live with for the last thirteen years of his life and say hello to the Capricorn district: living with a new family, learning at a new school, and dealing with the Capricorn laws. It's going to be tough.



Supporting CharactersEdit



(Opens in the Horatio Academy classroom. Jake is asleep on his desk.)

Goulburn: *hits Jake's desk with pointer* Wake up!

(Jake sits up straight to face Goulburn.)

Goulburn: Williams. *groan* Always you, ain't it? Your father should have raised you better, eh? Expect more from the leader's son, wouldn't you? That'd be a mistake. Do you even understand the importance of my class? You don't, do you? It's because your off in a land full of what ever kids like you dream about. Ponies or something?

Goulburn: *waves pointer* One of you brats have got to tell me who the current leader of the Libran district is! Anyone? Jacob?

Jake: *sighs* Katherine McElhoulm.