Rusty Bortz (December 14, 1944 - January 12, 1999) is a character in Zachary, Grace and Lexia. He is voiced by Jimmy Fallon.
Rusty Bortz


Personal details

Born: December 14, 1944

Los Angeles, California

Died: January 12, 1999 (age 54)

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Los Angeles, California

Cause of Death: Injuries sustained from an accidental house fire

Resting Place: Valhalla Memorial Park

North Hollywood, California

Death, funeral and cremation/burialEdit


On January 2, 1999, Rusty was cooking himself dinner. He went to get a towel from the sink when at 6:14pm, a fire on the stove erupted. Rusty released he turned on the wrong burner. He filled a cup with water to put it out - it made it worse. The fire spread in the kitchen, his fur and his entire house. Rusty managed to escape by running out the door and closing it. Five minutes later at 6:19pm, after his house burnt down, Rusty fell unconscious and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he died in his hospital bed ten days later on January 12 at 6:03pm at the age of 54. The fire was later ruled to be accidental.


On January 21, 1999, his funeral was held at the Faith Chapel in Los Angeles, California.


Rusty was cremated and his ashes were buried at Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood, California.


Rusty's plague is on the left of the wall, facing his cremation grave. It is brown and reads:

Rusty Bortz

Dec. 14, 1944

Jan. 12, 1999

Rusty's grave is three rows below Oliver Hardy. It is marked: