Madison Bortz (February 23, 1940 – September 18, 2012) is a character in Zachary, Grace and Lexia. She is voiced by Anne Hathaway.
Madison Bortz


Personal details

Born: February 23, 1940

Mission Hills, California

Died: September 18, 2012 (age 72)

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Los Angeles, California

Cause of Death: Breast cancer and leukemia

Resting Place: San Fernando Mission Cemetery

Mission Hills, California

Death, funeral and burialEdit


On September 12, 2012, Madison was taken at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was diagnosed with breast cancer and leukemia. She died six days later on September 18 at the age of 72.


On September 27, 2012, her funeral was held at the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills) in Los Angeles, California.


She was buried next to Shea at San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, California.


Shea and Madison's grave is on the left of Tommy Noonan. It is black with an X made of two field hockey sticks. It reads:


Jul. 12, 1942---X---Feb. 23, 1940

Jul. 17, 2002---X---Sep. 18, 2012