Karate Knight Meredith is one of the outfits for Meredith in Zachary, Grace and Lexia: Californian Citizens.


Team: Black Team

Affinity: TBA

Update: Meredith's Game

Unlock Goal: TBA

Goal: TBA

Combat Style: Melee


Rank 2: Karate Sword ChopEdit

Karate Knight Meredith's basic attack has a 15% chance to cause Bleeding to the enemy hit for 2 turns.
Passive Bleed

Rank 3: Show Me Your Karate MovesEdit

Karate Knight Meredith's Special Attack grants a buff to all allies that grants a 25% chance to dodge incoming basic attacks for 2 turns.
Passive Dodge

Rank 4: Fire and Undead ImmunityEdit

Karate Knight Meredith starts the battle with a shield that blocks 1 attack and is immune to Burn and Bleeding.
Passive Shield


In her Karate Knight outfit, Meredith wears a gray eye bandanna on her eyes and wears a red karate outfit with a yellow belt on it and also wears gray gloves and boots. For her weapon, she swings a gray sword.