Jack-O-Chica Alexandra is a premium outfit for Alexandra in Zachary, Grace and Lexia: Californian Citizens.


Team: Red Team

Affinity: TBA

Update: Haunted Hotel

Premium Cost: 120 Flowers

Goal: TBA

Combat Style: Throw


Rank 2: Jack-O-TeamEdit

If Jack-O-Bonnie Hailey and Jack-O-Lantern Abworker are on the team, Jack-O-Chica Alexandra's basic attack has a 15% chance to Burn enemies hit for 2 turns.
Passive Burn

Rank 3: Chicken DeliciousnessEdit

If Nightmare Chica Kaia is on the team, Jack-O-Chica Alexandra's Special Attack has a 25% chance to Burn all enemies for 3 turns.
Passive Burn

Rank 4: Halloween ReplacementsEdit

If Jack-O-Bonnie Hailey, Jack-O-Lantern Abworker, Nightmare Mangle Olivia and Nightmarionne Grace are on the team, then Jack-O-Chica Alexandra is resistant to Burn.
Passive Remove Burn


In her Jack-O-Chica outfit, Alexandra wears an orange eye bandanna on her eyes, an orange karate outfit with a yellow belt on it and yellow gloves and boots. For her weapon, she throws a green jack-o-lantern.