Invaded is the first episode of Monsters: Apocalypse Rises.

Monsters: Apocalypse Rises
Season 1, Episode 1
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Script Edit

Birds were seen chirping and flying across the land. Golems moved about in the mountains, helping humans in their mining adventures. A scorll slid down, with the scroll saying: "Earthgard". The scenery then moved in closer to a young boy, who had black spiky hair, smiling atop a hill.  SCENE END

The teen with the black spiky hair is seen walking through town, enjoying his day. He looks around to see a restaurant, just what he needed. He walked into the restaurant., and asked the barkeeper a drink.

Barkeeper: Ah, if it isn't Yuudai! Welcome, what do you want?

Yuudai: Some Coca Cola please, thanks.

Barkeeper: No problem, lemme get it!

The barkeeper got a Coca Cola can and gave it to him, but as soon as he gave it, an immediate alarm sounded. Everyone in panic, ran out of the Store except Yuudai, the Barkeeper and a hooded man, that both of them didn't notice.

Yuudai: An alram?!

Barkeeper: Must be some kind of trouble, let's find out!

Both of the humans quickly ran outside the restaurant, only for Yuudai to come back and grab his drink and smile at the camera, before hurrying outside again.


Yuudai looks up at the sky, and sees dark clouds coming over.

Yuudai: What is going on?

Barkeeper: Beats me.

Corrupted Dragon-Beast: Shriek!

As the shriek is heard, the corrupt dragon-beast's head is seen and it launches 2 meteor-size fireballs