Wikia Town
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date August 2, 2015
Written by PetStarPlanet
Directed by PetStarPlanet
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Trip to the Lost Islands
Happy Birthday to You Two is the ninth episode of Wikia Town.

Synopsis Edit

Samantha and Draco have a birthday party, but sometimes things don't go as planned.

Plot Edit

Star goes to Samantha and Draco's birthday party. Star gives Draco a Draco Malfoy phone case and Samantha a Frozen phone case. Later, other guests arrive too. The guests include Teej and Monique.

Everyone at the party stars eating the birthday cake. After eating for some time, Samantha tells that they are going to watch the movie Frozen. Draco says that they were supposed to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Soon, Henrik comes and surprises Draco and Samantha with a Harry Potter and Frozen crossover movie he made with his friends.

After the movie, everyone at the party has a lot of fun. However, when the party is about to end, a huge thunderstorm starts. Everyone in Wikia Town is ordered to stay inside no matter what, which means that the guests have to spend the night with Samantha and Draco.

The next day, it is reported on the news that the thunderstorm in Wikia Town opened a cave, which turned out to have a lake and a few small islands inside. The islands are called the Lost Islands. After the news, everyone goes to school.

Star is at MovieStarPlanet High with Draco. Surprisingly, Miyuki congratulates Draco on her birthday and as a present, Draco gets the right to have full access to all classrooms. Draco is the first student of the school to get that right.

When Star goes to Skylanders Fan High, she sees Drake and Aidan playing a card game called Myth Masters. Star is happy to see that the two are alright, since they were at the Fanfiction camp during the thunderstorm.

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