Ghost Meredith is one of the outfits for Meredith in Zachary, Grace and Lexia: Californian Citizens.


Team: Orange Team

Affinity: TBA

Update: Heaven in Flames

Unlock Goal: TBA

Goal: TBA

Combat Style: Melee


Rank 2: Stay Right ThereEdit

Ghost Meredith's Special Attack has a 15% chance to Freeze a random enemy for 1 turn.
Passive Freeze

Rank 3: Are Your Eyes Blue?Edit

Ghost Meredith's basic attack has a 10% chance to Blind the enemy hit for 2 turns.
Passive Blind

Rank 4: Ghostly DanceEdit

Ghost Meredith has a 15% chance to dodge incoming basic attacks.
Passive Dodge


In her Ghost outfit, Meredith wears a blue eye bandanna on her eyes, a cyan karate outfit with a blue belt and blue gloves and boots.