Wikia Town
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date October 4, 2015
Written by PetStarPlanet
Directed by PetStarPlanet
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Escaping Detention is the 18th episode of Wikia Town.

Synopsis Edit

When Star and friends end up in detention, Draco and Samantha try to get them out.

Plot Edit

After coming back to Skylanders Fan High, Star, Leo, Aidan, Drake, Thibo, Brandon, Poseidon and BC notice an angry teacher, Tristan. He says all of them get detention because they escaped school. Star says she was doing things at her other school, but Tristan ignores her.

Later, both Samanta and Draco try to call Star but she doesn't answer. They notice something is wrong and go to Skylanders Fan High in order to see if everything is alright. Meanwhile, Star and her friends try to talk, but Tristan shouts every time someone says anything. Sometimes, Tristan drinks coffee and after a while, Star notices that the coffee makes him tired. Soon, Samantha and Draco come. Star points at the cup of coffee and soon, Samantha and Draco leave in order to make coffee.

Later, the two girls come back with many cups of coffee. They tell Tristan that the coffee only stays warm for a short while so it should be drunk as fast as possible. The teacher drinks all of the coffee and after that, he falls asleep.

Star notices a secret room guarded by the teacher and she and her friends decide to see what's inside it. They notice toys that resemble Skylanders, most likely prototypes. Brandon says that they will be noticed if they take them or take pictures of them, so the group decides to play with them until they leave.

The next day, Brandon tells Connor about the detention and everything that happened. However, they notice that Couy is listening to them and soon, Couy goes to the room where the detention was. Brandon and Connor follow him. Soon, Adam and Fishlip noticesthe two and decide to follow them. All five go to the room where the prototype Skylanders were and they notice, not only prototypes, but scrapped game ideas as well.

After coming back, the five notice Tristan, who is angry again. After that moment, the students promise to never go to the secret room again. After that, the meet Poseidon who tells that they missed the announcement of the next Skystones event.

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