Dinosaur Protectors
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 1, 2015
Written by Whirly Volcano
Directed by Whirly Volcano
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The Secret Hideout

Discovering Dinosaurs is the first episode of Dinosaur Protectors.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

It's a normal day and a girl called Star Fleming spends time at a pet hotel along with Miyuki Snow and teenager girls as well as everyone's pets. However, after some time, Star says she wants to go to the nearby forest, and Miyuki promises to take care of her pet hamster, Skye. Star walks into the forest, until she hears scary noises.

Part 2 Edit

Meanwhile, Thibo Fleming, Star's cousin, is spending time with his best friends Jake and Summer. The two do many things until Star calls him. Thibo tells Jake and Summer that he has to go to the forest. Thibo leaves and notices Star and a real dinosaur. Soon, Star's brother Getini, Thibo's sister Cally, their cousins Lucas and Skye, their fathers Poseidon, BC and BH and even their grandfather Dani come.

Part 3 Edit

Two boys called Leo and Aidan Storm (brothers) are doing a volcano experiment. Soon, Leo notices that his classmate, Star, calls him. Star says that Leo and Aidan should come to the nearby forest to see a new discovery. At the same time, two boys called Ryu and Kenji Shadow (brothers) are watching anime, and Getini calls them. All four come to the forest at the same time, and they notice multiple dinosaurs.

Part 4 Edit

All of them notice three people who are about to catch the dinosaurs. The three people get attacked by the dinosaurs, which scares the Fleming family and their friends. However, the dinosaurs seem to be nice to Dani and the others. Dani says that the dinosaurs probably only attack those who they see as a threat. Star gives the group the idea to hide the dinosaurs so that they can't be hunted. Dani decides that the group should become the Dinosaur Protectors.