Wikia Order
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date  ???
Written by TheShadowCraft
Directed by TheShadowCraft
Episode Guide
 Corruption Begins is the Pilot episode of Wikia Order.


Tatsumi Ichizuki and his older sister, Star Ichizuki get caught in the corruption, having to fight their way through. As the unbeatable duo, they beat the corrupted who try to kill them and manage to escape. Along the way, they find Arturia Akamatsu, the supposed member who was going to join the Wikia Order, which the Ichizuki siblings were part of.


The intro starts with a government building being shown. While everything may seem normal...something will soon change. Blood then splatters on the screen and after it drops down, the building is in chaos with broken windows.

???: This wasn't mentioned at all in the announcments!

???: This was an unexpected situation, Tatsumi! Let's just hurry out while cleaning this mess.

Tatsumi: Got it, Star!

The two siblings, Tatsumi and Star Ichizuki are seen fighting a bunch of buisness men, who's eyes are completely spiritless. Tatsumi knees one in the head, before grabbing his arm and throwing the buisness man against other buisness men.

Tatsumi: Hey look! There's an escalator, let's go down there!

Star: Right behind you, little brother!

Tatsumi *Murmuring*: I'm not little...

Both the Ichizukis jump on the escalator "arm rests", sliding down. A corrupted jumps towards Star, but she, quickly reacting, kicked the corrupted away, sending him upwards. Reaching the end of the escalator, both siblings jump off and continue running through the "crowd" of Corrupteds.

Tatsumi: So...should we try to find some survivors along the way?

Star: That's the best we can do.

Both of them hurry through the crowd, with Tatsumi elbowing or kicking any Corrupted away from them. However, all of a sudden...a helicopter crashes just in front of them, and inside are 2 dead pilots.

Tatsumi *Murmuring*: Nasty.

Star: Let's use this helicopter to get out!

Tatsumi: Can you even fly this thing?

Star: I trained in flight lessons, Tatsumi.

However, as they step on the door of the helicopter, a scream is heard.


Tatsumi: A damsel in distress?

Star: Don't get your hopes up, Tatsumi. Let's just quickly save that person.

Tatsumi: Right.