Boring School is the most boring TV series on Volcanic Whirls. The series is about a school that is very boring. The TV series only contains one episode because the series was discontinued due to being too boring. The episode was also too long as it was 6 hours.

Plot Edit

A student goes to school and is ready to experience a boring day at school. He Is very bored while waiting until the first lesson starts. The gang of his class comes, but they constantly ignore him. Next, a group of girls comes, but they just talk about random things. The most interesting thing happens when a boy and a girl start arguing whether iPhone or Samsung is better.

The first lesson is geography. All of the students go to class. The teachers tells about Brazil.

After that, they have math and that lesson is even more boring than the geography lesson.

The next lesson is history and the teacher starts explaining about a random time in the late 19th century.

After that, they have lunch and this is the most boring time of the day because it is 45 minutes of nothing but eating and being bored.

3 more lessons and after that the school day is finally over.

Trivia Edit

  • The series takes place in 2012.
  • If the series was continued, the other episoes would be as boring as the first one.
  • The theme song of the show is School is Boring.