Bobo in a band
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date Unknown
Written by Cristy4
Directed by Cristy4
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Synopsis Edit

when bobo wants to form a band with his closest friends and when everything is almost ready something goes terribly wrong bobo must fined a way to fix everything befor his friends find out

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episode Edit

(kevin wathing TV and bobo tackles him off the couch)

bobo:do you want to b in a band with me

kevin:yes do

( garage )

bobo:oh! We need a drummer

Kevin: and i know who

(cristy's room)


cristy:ahhh!! What is it?!

bobo:wunt to be in a band with us

cristy:well Ive got nothing better to do


bobo:ok (pressis button and the stage blowers up)

bobo:whoe what I'm I going to tell the others oh I got an idea

(bobo and the others walk)

kevin:bobo tharts not a stage is just a long row of toothpiks

cristy:well I quit

kevin:me too

bobo:it was nice while it lasted