Alexandra Bortz (April 26, 1942 - April 16, 2003) is a character in Zachary, Grace and Lexia. She is voiced by Amy Poehler.
Alexandra Bortz


Personal details

Born: April 26, 1942

Glendale, California

Died: April 16, 2003 (age 60)

Glendale, California

Cause of Death: Leukemia

Resting Place: Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)

Los Angeles, California

Death, funeral and burialEdit


On April 9, 2003, seventeen days before her sixty-first birthday, Alexandra started having blood problems and was taken to Glendale Adventist Medical Center in Glendale, California where she was diagnosed with leukemia. She died in her home a week later on April 16, ten days before her sixty-first birthday.


On April 19, 2003, a week before her sixty-first birthday, Alexandra's funeral was held at the Old North Church in Los Angeles, California.


She was interred in a white sarcophagus in the Sanctuary of Treasured Love in the Courts of Remembrance section at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills) in Los Angeles, California.


Alexandra's sarcophagus reads:

Alexandra Bortz

April 26, 1942

April 16, 2003