Alexa Bortz (November 19, 1941 - July 7, 2007) is a character in Zachary, Grace and Lexia. She is voiced by Julie Kavner.
Alexa Bortz


Personal details

Born: November 19, 1941

Glendale, California

Died: July 7, 2007 (age 65)

Glendale, California

Cause of death: Heart infection

Resting Place: Chapel of the Chimes

Hayward, California

Death, funeral and burialEdit


On June 25, 2007, Alexa was breathing heavily she was rushed to Glendale Adventist Medical Center and was later announced that she was suffering from a heart infection. She died twelve days later on July 7 at the age of 65. Her housemate Lucy died a few hours later due to pneumonia she was diagnosed with three days earlier.


On July 15, 2007, her funeral was held at the funeral home at the Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward, California.


She was buried in the cemetery at the Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward, California.


Alexa's grave is in the Hillside Estate Custom Mausoleums section of the cemetery.


  • Alexa died on July 7, 2007 along with her housemate, Lucy.