Ainsley Bortz is a character in Zachary, Grace and Lexia: Californian Citizens.
Ainsley Bortz


Team: Orange Team

Affinity: Glendale

District: Chapel of the Chimes (Oakland, California) District

Goal: A Beautiful Return

Combat Style: Melee


Rank 2: Am I Beautiful to You?Edit

Ainsley's basic attack has a 15% chance to Charm the enemy hit for 3 turns.
Passive Charm

Rank 3: A Beautiful SoundEdit

Ainsley's Special Attack grants a healing aura to all allies that heals for 10% of their max HP for 2 turns.
Passive Heal Aura

Rank 4: Bite My Shiny Metal AssEdit

Ainsley reflects 10% of the damage dealt back to the attacker.
Passive Reflect


Black Archer Ainsley (Gray Team)

Bidybab Ainsley (Brown Team)

Cloud Jumper Ainsley (Green Team)

Hunter Ainsley (Green Team)

Lefty Ainsley (Orange Team)

Nightmare Foxy Ainsley (Brown Team)

Off-Duty Ainsley (Green Team)

Old Man Consequences Ainsley (Orange Team)

Omicronian Ainsley (Green Team)

Orville Elephant Ainsley (Purple Team)

Power Suit Ainsley (Orange Team)

Rockstar Bonnie Ainsley (Blue Team)

Scrap Baby Ainsley (Purple Team)

Spider Legs Ainsley (Orange Team)

Springtrap Ainsley (Gray Team)

Withered Bonnie Ainsley (Black Team)


Ainsley wears a purple shirt, blue pants and black shoes.