This is the first episode of Wiki Apocalypse.

Synopsis Edit

The apocalypse starts, and the group needs to prepare themselves.

Plot Edit

Thibo visits his friend Quinten, Quinten and Thibo play videogames, when suddenly they get intrerupted by a message that a zombie apocalypse has started.

Their friend Poseidon immediatley comes to them, Thibo then realizes that he needs to find his sister and parents.

When they arrive at Thibo's home, they find his father bitten, and his mother lying dead in the kitchen. After his dad passing out, they search the house, and find his sister who tells them what happened, but while she's talking, they get surprised by Thibo and Cally's zombified father, Poseidon puts him down, just in time to save Cally.

They go outside, hoping to find other people in the neighbourhood. They meet a boy named Drake, they find a house, but while looting it, they find someone inside, after telling him what happened, he decides to join the group.

While the group is resting for a minute, a horde approaches them, they start running, Drake falls behind, and gets sepperated from the rest of the group, a man comes out of an alley and tells the group to follow him.

The man closes the gate before the zombies can enter the alley, the group rests their feet for a minute, while the man introduces himself as Benjamin. Cally notices that Drake is gone, and wants to go look for him, but Ben finds it to risky, he brings them back with him to the town hall, where he introduces the group to his friends Gill and Brandon. Quinten tells them about Drake, and Brandon decides to come with them to find him.

Cast Edit

@ - No Lines

Main Edit

  • Thibo1102
  • Inferno999
  • Poseidon133
  • The battle dragon trainer
  • BHCreations

Reccuring Edit

  • ThePinkGirl
  • TheShadowCraft
  • BCtheBoss

Co-Stars Edit

  • Captainfishlip @
  • Thibo's Dad
  • Thibo's Mom

Deaths Edit

  • Thibo's Dad (Alive and zombified)
  • Thibo's Mom (Off-Screen)